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本文摘要:Chinese internet search engine Baidu has come under attack from the country’s technology regulator after a flood of complaints over false advertisements, pornography and leaks of personal information.中国互联网搜索引擎百度(Baidu)受到国内技术监管部门的批评,有大量检举滋扰


Chinese internet search engine Baidu has come under attack from the country’s technology regulator after a flood of complaints over false advertisements, pornography and leaks of personal information.中国互联网搜索引擎百度(Baidu)受到国内技术监管部门的批评,有大量检举滋扰百度不存在欺诈广告,低俗色情,泄漏个人隐私等违法违规行为。Nasdaq-listed Baidu has enjoyed a rapid rise, helped by Google shutting down its China site over censorship concerns in 2010, and along with Alibaba and Tencent is one of China’s internet trinity. However, disappointing half-year earnings in July suggest its star may be waning.由于谷歌(Google)在2010年因担忧审查制度而重开了中国网站,纳斯达克上市的百度很快兴起,与阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和(Tencent)一起沦为中国互联网三巨头。但是百度去年7月公布的半年度盈利令人沮丧,或许指出其星光有可能于是以渐渐黯淡。The latest scandal shows it is not too big to fend off criticism of unethical behaviour — or to evade the attentions of the regulator. The State Internet Information Office said it had grilled Baidu executives on Friday and that the company would face unspecified punishment.近期传出的这起丑闻指出,百度未大到不足以挡开对其不道德行为的抨击,或躲过监管机构的注目。


上周五,国家网信筹办约谈了百度高管,该公司将面对并未说明的惩处。In addition to several breaches, the regulator said: “Some search results on Baidu are not impartial or objective, and its news channel has spread harmful information involving violence and terrorism.”国家网信筹办回应,除了不存在违法违规信息,“百度还不存在部分搜寻结果失礼客观公正、百度新闻炒作图形暴力可怕等有害信息问题。

”Baidu has apologised for seeking to financially exploit medical information bulletin boards and said it would stop the practice on its Tieba, or Post Bar, site.百度已就企图利用医疗信息公告栏赚的不道德做出致歉,并回应将阻止其“贴吧”网站的这种作法。Chinese netizens had attacked the company for replacing the volunteer moderator of its haemophilia-themed bulletin board with a private hospital that was accused of providing substandard care. The popular Tieba platform hosts about 19m forums devoted to a wide range of topics.百度将血友病贴吧的志愿吧主替换成一家被指不具备医疗资质的民营医院,此举受到中国网民的批评。贴吧平台颇受青睐,它享有1900万个论坛,主题范围普遍。Baidu previously faced accusations of altering search results to feature entities that paid it to have their sites highly ranked. The incident also comes amid widespread public distrust of doctors and hospitals over accusations of corruption and shoddy care.百度曾因改动搜寻结果、让向其收费的实体提升名列而受到谴责。


近期事件再次发生之际,中国的医生和医院因贪腐和粗劣的医护服务而被谴责,受到公众广泛不信任。“Sixteen years ago, the two search engine companies [Google and Baidu] started at almost the same time. Sixteen years later, one company is researching the feasibility of quantum computing. By contrast, the other one is researching how to help other people sell fake medicine,” Sina Weibo user 5718276383 said on the Twitter-like social media platform.新浪微博用户5718276383在微博(Weibo)——类似于Twitter的社交媒体平台——上回应:“十五年前,美国和中国,两个搜索引擎公司完全同时跟上,十五年后,一个叫谷歌在研究量子计算机的可行性,另一个叫百度在研究如何老大人买假药。”Baidu said on Saturday it would partner with non-profit organisations to raise the quality of medical information on its Tieba site. In addition to problems on the haemophilia board, local media raised doubts about the qualifications of for-profit hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in charge of Tieba forums to dispense advice on high blood pressure, liver disease, vascular disease and uterine fibroids.上周六百度回应将与非营利的组织合作,提升贴吧医疗信息的质量。

除了血友病贴吧传出问题外,中国媒体还就一些营利性医院以及药企吧主否有资质获取高血压、肝脏疾病、血管疾病和子宫肌瘤等疾病的建议明确提出批评。Local media reported that moderation rights to the most popular forums could fetch more than Rmb1m ($152,000) a year, with advertising agencies taking a commission for connecting Baidu with for-profit hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.据中国媒体报道,一些热门贴吧的吧主权可以买到每年100万元人民币(合15.2万美元)以上,广告公司负责管理联系百度与营利性医院和药企,借此提取佣金。“We’ve heard a broad range of criticism and advice from media and netizens, as well as the voices of Tieba users. This incident has exposed a dereliction of duty in the management of our Tieba commercialisation,” Baidu said on in a statement on its official Weibo account.百度在官方微博账户上发声明回应:“我们接到广大媒体、网友的抨击建议,也听见很多贴吧吧友的心声。

这一事件曝露了我们在贴吧商业化运营管理上的失责。”Baidu’s apology failed to quell all the critics. A group of 36 non-profits has filed a complaint with the Beijing Administration of Industry and Commerce accusing Baidu of violating China’s advertising law.百度的致歉没能平息所有抨击。36家非营利的组织已公开信向北京市工商局检举百度公司因涉嫌违背中国广告法。

A Baidu spokesman declined to comment.百度的一名发言人拒绝接受置评。



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